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Oh, you can't help that
We're all mad here!
17th-Jan-2010 02:38 am - Mod Post
Delerium Mod
I doubt many of you are still watching this actively but those of you that are, I think you should have seen this coming.

We're dead in the water. Nothing's going on, no one's posting, and it's about time I closed the place. At least for awhile, until I figure out what I want to do with it.  If I really want to close it or not and maybe not open until I get things more organized. Been working on that off and on.  I may even be willing to take on a mod or two to help me run the place by doing random modly things and running plots in the like.  If you know anyone interested, or if you're interested let me know.

Hell, for all I know this place'll pick up in popularity around the time the new Alice film hits. That should be interesting.

But until that time...consider this place as CLOSED/ON HIATUS.

As such, you should respond to this entry telling me if you want to continue playing or not.  If you do, awesome.  However, if you do NOT reply, I shall be removing you from all lists and if you wish to reapply, you can.  I won't be playing favorites or letting people skirt around this.  There will be no excuses.  If you wish to continue playing but wish to drop someone just let me know in the comments.

You have a week.

28th-Nov-2009 05:40 pm - YO GUYS!
Anyone paying attention?

I'm switching accounts for Gilbert from littlelostraven to this one here nevar_more.

If you guys could drop the one and add this one I'd appreciate it.

Now, off to add icons and the theme. Ahahaha~
13th-Nov-2009 01:46 pm - We're all mad here...
Mun Info (just re-read some of the rules... I forgot you had to wait a month between dropping and applying... Sorry!!!! ><;;; I don't mind waiting a month or two for the results if that helps!)

Name/Nickname: 'Lena
Personal LJ: [info]bookman2nd
Age: 22
IM: Lavibunbun (AIM)
Email: surune_2oo3@yahoo.com
Tell us about your experience with roleplaying: I've already answered this.
How did you find us? See previous.
9th-Oct-2009 03:13 am - Hello everyone~<3
Delerium Mod- Grin
Happy October my dear Wonderlandian's! I hope everyone is doing well and I hope this post doesn't come as too much of a surprise.

It's Delerium-Mod here with a few quick, fun announcements!

First of all, as you should notice, we've had a few artistic changes done around here, all possible thanks to our lovely soul_jar. So please, if you like it thank her for that.

Secondly, those of you still stuck in that epic thread...if Alice, Cheshire or the Rabbit has talked to you and handed you your stuff, you're free to start filtering your way into Wonderland.

Thirdly, I'd hate to say this, but the time has come for a ACTIVITY CHECK~<3 I shall be posting on up within the next few days. Most of you know what this is but for those that don't, an activity check is to make sure everyone's playing. You must reply with all of your characters, what they're doing and if you want to keep them. Please also post at least one thread they've been in recently. Unless they have special circumstances (Like Grimmjow, Gil and Kanda) they should all be active and posting. If you fail the activity check, you'll be put on a WARNING. If you fail the next AC your character will be dropped and you will be forced to reapply.

Finally, fell free to pimp us out, we shall be starting our first event soon. Appropriately enough it's a Halloween Event. Grell should know which one this is~ ^_^

Let's get as much participation going as we can!

28th-Aug-2009 02:20 am - We're all mad here~<3
Kid Flash - Bros
Mun Info

Personal LJ: kandascending
Age: 23
IM: Kandascending
Email: highwirelover[at]gmail.com
Tell us about your experience with roleplaying: Ahahaha, for years now. I play here already
How did you find us? Duh...?

Gilbert Nightray~Collapse )
25th-Aug-2009 08:40 pm - Oh my what's this~?
A post on the OOC community~?  Scandalous!  What could this possibly be?

Why it's your friend neighborhood Delerium-mod here with some fun announcements!

Since I am a slow bastard and have been sooooo lax the past month what with Dragon*Con coming up and all, this post is way later than it should be.  To get things better rolling and to get everyone better aquainted with one another and because our lovely Sin (Aka Grell-mun~) suggested this, I decided that I should post and find out the interest in having a community chat!

If you're interested just respond here and let me know and I'll set things up. Also, if you are interested, post times you're available for a chat so we can see the best times.  If the interest is great enough, we may have a permanent chat set up or at least have one once a week or so.  All up to the community.

Also, Mania-mod, our darling Kaikai, is currently on hiatus do to problems at home.  She'll be back as soon as possible~<3


25th-Jun-2009 06:49 pm - Hur hur
Ignoring you ☠
L-lol, I should get this out here nowww.

So I'm takin' a hiatus! 83 Gettin' ready to leave for California on the 30th! And I think I'll be back around the 5th or 6th of July!

Wut, wut. Goin' to Anime Expooo with a friend of mine!

And so in the meantime among scrambling to buy a greyhound ticket and seeing how much money I'll be able to spend and what nots at the con; I also have last minute preparation for College stuff. Such as finding an English book (if it exists) for Summer II, getting a school ID, and turning in random paperwork that the school might need.

8); So yeah! This affects:

Yami no Bakura ;; this journal

I-I swear I won't forget or drop off the face of the Earth this time.. 8D;;
24th-Jun-2009 09:12 am - Who all is paying attention? :D
Delerium Mod
Good, good.

Welcome you're still watching us! That's excellent.

This is a friendly moddly jumping in just asking for some assistance.

I need all those who have not made contact with fracturedalice, fractured_cat, or fracturedrabbit to reply to to this post. The thread hopping has me a bit confused on who has and has not run into the NPCs.

We're gearing up to do a big thread for all those still in the Caves so be prepared, it should be happening as soon as I find who has and has not met the NPCs.

So within the next two days!


7th-Jun-2009 02:08 am - I am so much fail.
Delerium Mod
Once again I am posting to apologize for my fail. I am sorry my fellow Wonderlandians, for I have failed you again! I should have posted something sooner but alas, I've only gotten the ability to now. Feel free to beat me. Seriously.

This week has been a rather tough one for me. I had to hold one of my babies as he died of feline leukemia. Let me tell you, that was a horrendous experience and I am horribly attached to my cats. So that alone killed my drive for RPing for a bit. And then I had to quit my job on Thursday. Awesomesauce, so I've been taking care of the crap in relation to that. :|b

However, all my sudden free time has been good for you as we now have a temporary map! It is a basic version of our real map of Phantasmagoria only color coded. When the map is completed it will have street names and building numbers, with a page dedicated to various locations in and around Phantasmagoria. So this post is now also an introduction to Phantasmagoria.

PhantasmagoriaCollapse )

This is for those who are on their way and have already been talked to and given a set of books by Alice, the White Rabbit or the Cat. Until you've been visited by one of the three your characters cannot find their way out of the caves.

And please, try not to thread hop too much, I am becoming a bit confused on who is located where and with whom. I know you guys are eager to get things going and things will be picking up soon I promise! We've just got a whole influx of people starting at the same time so it slowed things down more than I was expecting.

Also, I finished our promo and I shall be posting it seperately as this page is already a huge info dump. You guys are also welcome to create your own, just make sure all the basic information is there and you're free to go! In fact, if we like it we might just make it the official one. XD

28th-May-2009 06:14 pm - New person~
At the beach
Hi all. My name's Allyssa, and I am bringing you Sakura from Naruto. I was led here by your Neji/Sasuke-mun, and I look forward to playing with all of you ^^ I adore Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, so this place is right up my alley, lol.
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